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Mad About Mo

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Mad About Mo!

(Books by Mo Willems)



Online Resources

Pigeon Presents with links to Event Kits for Elephant and Piggie, Naked Mole Rat, and Pigeon.

Mo Willems Official Website 





Pigeon Headband

Cut wide strips of white paper to fit around each child's head. Copy and cut out a picture of Pigeon's head and neck and glue it to the front of the headband. Decorate the headband with stickers, crayons, or whatever you have. (Dance to a silly song afterward, like the Chicken Dance or some other fast paced music.) 


Activity Book

Fold a large piece of construction paper in half and punch holes in the folded side. Fill the activity book with coloring sheets, games, and directions for drawing the Pigeon (all available from the event kits and Pigeon Presents website). Make labels for the kids to glue onto the front: "Don't Let the Pigeon Color in This Book!" Use yarn or pipe cleaners through the holes to bind the book together.




Read a Mo Willems book!


Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus song
The wheels on the bus go
Round and round,
Round and round
The wheels on the bus go
round and round,
all through the town

The pigeon on the bus flaps his wings,
flaps his wings,
flaps his wings
The pigeon on the bus
flaps his wings,
all through the town

The pigeon on the bus says
Let me drive!
Let me drive!
Let me drive!
The pigeon on the bus says
Let me drive!
All through the town

The pigeon on the bus goes
vroom, vroom, vroom
vroom, vroom, vroom,
vroom, vroom, vroom
The pigeon on the bus goes
vroom, vroom, vroom
all through the town. 

Pigeon Activity

(From Pubyac listserve 8/23/10)

With the pigeon book we used a refrigerator box and made a bus.  My co worker wore a hat and she was the bus driver and she asked the kids to watch the bus while she took a break and got them to promise not to let the pigeon drive. I made a pigeon out of poster board(wrote words on the back) and glued feathers onto him. While the driver was talking I kept using the pigeon to peek over the backdrop.  I came from behind the backdrop and said all the pigeon lines and let the children respond. The driver returns and the pigeon scurry's away.  It was wonderful.  At the end I showed the poster board with the next vehicle that the pigeon wanted to ride.  Great for audience participation.


Find the Pigeon

(Explain that Mo hides Pigeon in many of his books. Show an example - it's usually on the endpapers in the Elephant and Piggie books)

Draw lots of pigeons on blue paper and hid them around the room. Every child could find one pigeon and exchange it for a prize or candy treat.


Write to Mo

Encourage everyone to sign, write a message, or draw a picture on a large sheet of paper, or let each kid draw or write their message on their own piece of paper. Explain that you will mail it to Mo. If you recieve a reply back, post it in an area where kids will see it. You can also check his blog - he frequently posts fan mail with his comments there. Here's an example.


Mail letters to:

Mo Willems Fan Mail
c/o Jordan McMakin
Hyperion Books for Children and Pigeons
114 5th Ave 14th fl.
New York, NY 10011

Please be very patient, it takes a while for mail to be forwarded!
(Teachers: a cover letter including the grade you teach is appreciated)



Pin the Pigeon on the Bus

Copy a large picture of a bus using clipart. Laminate it if possible so it hold up during the game. Print several small pictures of Pigeon and put tape on the back. The kids can take turns trying to pin Pigeon onto the bus!








Set-Up and Notes



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