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Fancy Nancy

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Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor


Online Resources

Event Kits from HarperCollins Publishers:

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy

Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire 

More Printables




Fans: Buy plain folding fans (oriental style fold-up fans) or make them by folding paper. Decorate with markers. Attach feathers securely to the top edge of the fan with tape or glue.  


Nail Boutique:  Set up a table with nail polishes, files, and small nail gems or other embellishments. These can all be purchased from the dollar store.


Plume Pens/Pencils: Wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around a piece of boa or a large feather. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the end of a pen. To make it extra secure, slide the pipe cleaner off, put glue on the pen/pencil, slide it back on, and let the glue dry.


Fancy Glasses: Cut glasses using the NCLS accucut and let kids decorate them! Be sure to have lots of glitter glue, feathers, and jewels available!


"Fancy" Accessories:  Buy plain inexpensive purses, sunglasses, hats or other accessories and decorate with feathers, glitter, sequins, fake flowers, boa pieces, ribbon, and whatever else you have.


Wands: Cut stars or hearts using the NCLS Accucuts. This can be done in two ways: 1. Tape two large hearts or stars to the top of a solid color pencil or straw and decorate. 2. Tape 3 strands of thin curling ribbon (about 8 inch lengths) to the end of a straw or pencil, then tape small hearts or stars to the ends of the ribbon.


Butterflies:  Cut butterflies using the Accucut from NCLS. Decorate!


Coloring Page:  Book Cover image


Other Printables are available here.




Read Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor! (Any of the other Fancy Nancy books are great to read too!)


Posh Demonstration: Show how to walk fancy, curtsy, twirl, hold your pinkies up while eating, and say 'Darling', 'Merci', and 'Bonjour'. As you do each action, have the kids repeat it.


Speak French: Be sure to remind kids that Fancy Nancy thinks that everything in French sounds fancy. Ask them if they remember what French words from the book like 'bonjour', 'merci', and 'parfaits' mean. Then introduce some new words, like 'Oui' (yes), 'Non' (no), 'S'il vous plait' (please), 'Excusez-moi' (excuse me), 'fromage' (cheese), 'Enchante' (nice to meet you), 'amis' (friends), 'bibliotheque' (library).


Fancy Words: Talk about fancy words, and invite your audience to suggest some too. eg. Damsel, dressing robe, baubles, plume,





Pink lemonade


Fruit platter with frilly toothpicks

Cupcakes with sprinkles or sparkly sugar

Jelly sandwiches cut into small shapes with mini cookie cutters

Make your own sundae kit from Stewarts (Parfaits!) 



Set-Up and Notes

Encourage participants to dress up in their finest attire! (Dresses, tiaras, accessories, gloves, sparkly shoes, etc)


Decorate the reader's chair with tulle or a colorful bedsheet, pillows, lace, etc. Anything to make it look fancy and throne-like!


Hang a welcome sign at the door that says "Bonjour!"


Make sure every table has a tablecloth. You can also lay a piece of lace or tulle over the tablecloth and put a vase of flowers (fake or real) on it to make it super-fancy! 


String lights and/or garland around the room.


Prize ideas: Tiaras, rings, boas, sunglasses (These can all be purchased at the Dollar Store)




Sample full page color flyer: Fancy Nancy Flyer.pub

Sample 1/4 page black and white flyers for giveaway: Fancy Nancy Postcard Flyers.pub

Just be sure to change the library name, date, and event description (if needed) to match your program! This flyer is meant to advertise in the library - if you will be posting flyers outside the library, add your library's address, phone number, and website address.


Sample Press Release text (You'll need to fill in your own info, and change details like the age range or take them out completely:


Contact: YOUR NAME

YOUR Library




For Immediate Release



Ooh- La-La! Girls ages 4-9 are invited to a Fancy Nancy Soiree at YOUR Library in YOUR TOWN! (Soiree is French for party! Everything sounds fancier in French!) Celebrate Fancy Nancy and her fabulous style on DATE at TIME! We’ll read the first Fancy Nancy book by Jane O’Connor, have pink lemonade and cookies, and make some posh crafts! Don’t forget to wear your finest attire! (That’s a fancy word for clothes! Dresses, tiaras, sunglasses, and other glamorous accessories are all welcome!) This event is free and open to the public, and all craft materials will be supplied. Please call the library at PHONE NUMBER for more information.



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