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AAAarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Keith Chapman

Miss Spider’s Tea Party by David Kirk 

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham

Dream Weaver by Jonathan London

Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin

Sophie’s Masterpiece: A Spider’s Tale by Eileen Spinelli (long)




Spider, Spider, Come to Tea (Puppet Rhyme)

SPIDER: Ladybug, ladybug, come to tea.

LADYBUG: No, no, Spider – no not me!

SPIDER: Caterpillar, caterpillar, come to tea.

CATERPILLAR: No, no, Spider – no not me!

SPIDER: Fly, fly, come to tea.

FLY: No, no, Spider – no not me!

SPIDER: Butterfly, butterfly, come to tea.

BUTTERFLY: No, no, Spider – no not me!

BIRD: Spider, spider, come to tea.

SPIDER: No, no, Bird – no not me!


(Flannel pattern: http://www.misterandersons.com/puppettales/)

Five Little Spiders

Five little spiders crawling all around.

The first one said, “See the bug I found?”

The second one said, “My web is neat.”

The third one said, “I have eight feet.”

The fourth one said, “We’re all so small.”

The fifth one said, “Time for autumn leaves to fall.”

Then whoosh went the wind and out went the light

And the five little spiders crawled out of sight!





Egg Carton Spider 

Cut apart egg carton cups and paint them black. Punch eight small holes to poke legs through. Let children push black or brown pipe cleaners through the holes to make legs. Glue wiggly eyes on. Punch two small holes in the top and string a piece of yarn through. Swing your spider around!

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