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Question Stories

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Where Does the Butterfly Go When It Rains? By Garelick

Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? by Bonnie Lass

Is Your Mama A Llama? By Deborah Guarino 

Who’s on the Farm? By Heather Gondeck  

Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Do Donkey’s Dance? By Melanie Walsh

Why do Kittens Purr? By Marion Dane Bauer

Where's Pup? by Dayle Ann Dodds

Where is Home, Little Pip? by Karma Wilson




Who Am I?

(Second time through let the children do rhyme and actions with you)

Right foot, left foot, see me go

I am gray and big and slow.

I come walking down the street

With my trunk and four big feet.


A Great Big Happy Smile

I’ve got something in my pocket

It belongs across my face.

I keep it very close at hand

In a most convenient place.


I’m sure you’ll never guess it

If you guess a long, long while,

So I’ll take it out and put it on -

It’s a great big happy smile!

(Wipe hand across face and smile)



Who is it? Book

Use the "Book Lacing" Accucut from NCLS to make a cover and pages for a book. Use yarn or pipe cleaners to lace it together. Make labels or have parents write on the front, "Who is it?". Let kids choose animal pictures from magazines or use small accucuts and glue them on each page. On the opposite page, write what animal it is. You can adjust the question or pictures to make the craft fit any of the books used - e.g. "Who took the cookies?"; "Who lives on a farm?"; etc.




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