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A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman  

A Sock is a Pocket For Your Toes by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon

What did you put in your pocket? by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers 

Carrot in my Pocket by Kitson Flynn

Heart in the Pocket by Laurence Bourguignon

Pocket Dogs by Margaret Wild

Plenty of Pockets by Ann Baybrooks

There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr. Seuss

Frog and Toad are Friends (The Lost Button Story) by Arnold Lobel

A Pocket Can Have a Treasure in it by Kathy Stinson




Old MacDonald Had A Pocket

Introduce this song by asking kids if they know the Old MacDonald song. Ask them what they think he might have in his pocket.


Old MacDonald had a pocket, E-I-E-I-O.

And in his pocket he had a wrench, E-I-E-I-O.

With a crank-crank here and a crank-crank there,

Here a crank, there a crank, everywhere a crank-crank,

Old MacDonald had a pocket, E-I-E-I-O.


Additional verses:





What’s Inside the Pocket?

Find pictures or actual objects to put in a pocket. Let kids name what is in the pocket as you pull it out.

What’s inside the pocket?

Can you guess what you will see?

It’s small and flat and unlocks doors,

Look! It’s a __________ (key)


…It’s small with wings and buzzes by,

Look! It’s a __________ (bee)


…It’s tall with branches spreading out,

Look! It’s a __________ (tree)


It’s the number that follows number two,

Look! It’s a __________ (“3”)


It’s a little round vegetable that grows in a pod,

Look! It’s a __________ (pea)


It’s long and flat for winter fun,

Look! It’s a __________ (ski)


It follows in the alphabet after letter “A”,

Look! It’s a __________ (“B”)


Alternate version:

What’s inside the pocket?

Guess it if you can.

It makes hot air nice and cool,

Look! It’s a __________ (fan)


Can, man, pan, van


We All Put Our Pants On

We all put our pants on, our pants on, our pants on,

We all put our pants on, just like……….this!


Additional verses:




Check our pockets



In My Pocket

(Use as fingerplay, or make a felt pattern out of it and pull pictures or objects out of a large pocket one by one)


The things in my pocket are lots of fun                                  Hold up five fingers

I will show you one by one 


The first thing in my pocket is a frog                                      Point to thumb

I found him sitting on a log. 


The second thing in my pocket is a car                                   Point to index finger

It can race off very far 


The third thing in my pocket is a ball                                     Point to middle finger

I can bounce it on a wall 


The fourth thing in my pocket is a bunny,                              Point to ring finger

She twitches her nose and looks so funny 


The fifth thing in my pocket is a dog                                                 Touch pinky to thumb

He's a friend of my little frog. 


In my pocket these things hide.

Do you have pockets with things inside


Hand out colored bean bags or pictures to represent the things mentioned in DeRegniers’ book. Re-read the book and let kids come up and put the things in a large pocket. (Be sure to have several of each item so that you have enough for each child) 



Corduroy with a Pocket: Use NCLS Accu-cut Cxx-1 Teddy Bear. Glue on overalls made of green paper, buttons on straps, and wiggly eyes. Let the kids color a small book pocket purple and then glue it to the front of the overalls. Give each child a card with Corduroy’s name on it to put in the pocket.


Cut a slit in the bottom of a book pocket. Copy the words “There’s a ______ in my pocket!” onto the top of a piece of construction paper. Let kids glue the pocket onto the paper. They can then pick out a picture cut from a magazine and glue it onto a craft stick. Insert the stick into the slit in the pocket and move it up and down to see what is in the pocket.



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