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Bouncy Bedtime Stories

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One, Two, Three O’Leary by Malachy Doyle

The Kiss That Missed by David Melling

No Jumping on the Bed by Tedd Arnold

Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond

The Napping House by Audrey Wood

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow

Baby Danced the Polka by Karen Beaumont

While you are sleeping by Alexis Deacon

Good Night Pillow Fight by Sally Cook

Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig

Mitchell's License by Hallie Durand




Going to Bed
(Tune: Five Little Ducks)
This little child is going to bed (point to self)
On the pillow he lays his head (head in hands)
He wraps himself in a blanket tight (hug yourself)
And this is the way he sleeps all night.


Mama's Sleeping
(Tune: Frere Jacques)
Mama's sleeping, (put hands together by ear)
Mama's sleeping,
Don't wake her up. (shake finger)
Don't wake her up.
We should be very quiet. (shh motion)
We should be very quiet.
Go to sleep. (sit down or crouch)
Go to sleep.


Wake up, Mama, (clap hands & stand)
Wake up, Mama,
We wanna play!  (dance around and say loudly)
We wanna play! 
We don't wanna be quiet! (shake head ‘no’)
We don't wanna be quiet!
Wake up! (throw hands up in air)
Wake up!


Music: Mama Don’t Allow (Old Town School of Folk Music; Wiggleworms Love You #26)


Five Little Monkeys Activity
Bring in a big bed sheet (or library tablecloth), and have the kids all take a piece of the edge, and throw five

beanbags (or monkey puppets or toys) in the middle for "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."

Repeat the rhyme, letting kids take a monkey out of the ‘bed’ at the appropriate times.




Monkey on a Bed


Cut out individual pieces from above monkey template. Enlarge the bed clipart to take up a whole sheet of paper and make one copy for each child. Have children color the monkey pieces and then glue the monkey together. Then glue the monkey onto the bed!

Bed picture: Bed.bmp



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