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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss



Online Resources

Activity pages and crafts from Seussville.com 

Recipe for Who Pudding (PDF)




Make Christmas ornaments


Make Christmas Cards or use the front cover of recycled Christmas cards to create new ones.


Grinchy Candy Canes (PDF)

A template for a tag with a cute poem to attach to a green candy cane.


Grinch in the Chimney Ornament

(This might be better for older kids). Start with an empty black film canister to resemble a chimney. Use red Christmas ribbon to form a loop by gluing one ribbon to each side of the canister at the top. Add a border of cotton balls around the top of the canister to resemble snow and to cover the two ends of the ribbon. Glue a medium green pompom just inside the canister to form the bottom of the Grinch. Cut two pieces of green pipe cleaners to form this legs and feet. Add dark boots at the end of the legs by coloring the pipe cleaner with a marker. Bend them so them look like feet. Glue them to the pompom and let it dry.


Max Antlers

Cut wide strips of paper to create a headband. Cut out antlers and tape or glue to the headband.

Antler Template







Read the book!


Show the movie at the end of the program - either the original animated one or the newer version with Jim Carrey, depending on your audience. The original is better for younger kids, and is much shorter (26 minutes). 







Set-Up and Notes



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